Selling a Car

If you are selling a vehicle in South Carolina, you must provide the buyer with a copy of the registration papers, the original title and a bill of sale. You can order a copy of your vehicle history report to prepare yourself for answering any questions your potential buyer might have. In an effort to sell your vehicle quickly, search for the best places to advertise. Find out the value of your car based on its history and be mentally prepared to negotiate. A good wash, wax and clean up wouldn't hurt a sale, either.

When you are selling a car, if the car title doesn't have a lienholder, sign the back and enter your name as written on your license in the buyer section. If the title currently reads "AND" between the two owners, both of you need to sign it. If it just reads "OR," then either party can sign the back over without the other. Visit your local South Carolina DMV office with the insurance card or registration and bring the title. The office will have the necessary forms to complete your request. Don't forget a valid proof of identity.